Garden Aromas Set

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Experience the aroma as you stroll through our garden.

Scents included in this set: Garden Compost, Greenhouse Cukes, & Nightshades. Shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Garden Compost

If you think compost smells bad, you haven’t been around the Ojai Roots compost system. Well made compost nourishes plants and builds healthy, no-till soil. The final result is a beautiful earthy aroma smelling like the floor of a thriving forest.

Greenhouse Cukes

Our cucumbers grow in tight, tall rows creating narrow pathways through the farm greenhouse. Their bright, yellow flowers pop out while the large green leaves humidify and cool the surrounding air making a unique environment that we want to share with you.


Nightshades, or Solanaceae as they are referred to by their latin name, are the botanical family of plants to which tomatoes belong. Smelling the leaves as we prune tomatoes is one of our favorite parts of farming. Let this candle light up your night and transport you to our summer garden.

NOTE: If purchased with a farm box, you may get it delivered with your farm box instead of shipping. Address should be the same as farm box delivery.

Ships on Wednesdays.